May-June (minus France)

A quick rundown on the many varied activities in May and June, starting with the second time we've seen Cathy sing at the Boston Harmony Concert!

Part two, pets; mostly Dobie, I admit, since he continues to be half clown, half bossy, all cute.  But Bear has been pretty entertaining recently too; he insists on coming over to wherever you are working and lying down.  You can see where Dave was spreading mulch who wins those battles.

Dobie, Tree Warrior! He is ready to bounce!

Bear shaped area where Dave finally gave up trying to spread mulch

What, you want to close the door?  Why, I'm having fun!

Elizabeth Fieux moved out from California to live with Rick Morris (we introduced the two of them at our wedding!), and we did a long hike with Tasha and Bear (who pooped out about six miles into the eight mile walk).  Tasha had to endure the love and attention of the gazillion school kids that walked by. 

We did the Somerville Open Studios tour of some of the 100+ places that are displaying things during the weekend. 

We spent a few days in New York with Noah and Alicia helping them move into their new apartment with all the prerequisite Ikea furniture purchasing, delivery and assembly.  The old Siena Van got a serious workout! We had dinner at Craft, a highly rated New York restaurant that had great food and terrible drinks, toured Grand Central Station, and generally made a mini-vacation of it.

We had a congratulations dinner for Will for his new job...

And did a "cheese cave" tour that Eric and Cathy Haines invited us too.  The "cheese cave" is a old, beat up concrete cellar at Formaggio Kitchen that has been modified to be as much like the temperature, humidity, and air flow of caves in France used to age cheese as possible.  It doesn't sound that special, but the tour was amazing and the owner shared his extensive knowledge of cheese, and the extreme lengths he and the shop go to procure it directly from sheep herders in France and the Pyrenees. 

France happened; you can read about that separately here, but we flew back on June 8th so we could attend Alison's niece Meredith's graduation from MIT on the ninth!

We also helped Will get a car to commute to his new job (he had the Avalon for a few weeks until he finally got his BMW 5 series), had a visit from cousin Andy, got caught in torrential downpours on the way to a puzzle pint with Eric Haines and Brie, and visited with Jenny and her daughter Nina. 

We went to Tanglewood with Eric and Cathy Haines, visiting the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), which had many things that someone called art for reasons that were not clear, then went to see Joan Baez (who is still rocking it at 75), Wendy Carpenter, and the Indigo girls.

Father's day was canoeing on the Concord River with Alison, Will and Brie...

Noah and Alicia came up for a visit from NYC, along with their new puppy Orwell.  We had a nice dinner at Park 9 to celebrate Noah's straight A grades at NYU, had some nice family dinners with Noah, Alicia, Brie, Will, and Charlotte (the daughter of two friends of Alison's, one of whom is the judge that married us).  Charlotte is over enough these days that she calls us her "east coast family" now.  And, of course, we all had a chance to coo over Orwell, the new puppy, who weighs less than Dobie the cat. 

A different dinner, this one with Bill and Sang Ok, back for a couple of weeks from Abu Dhabi!

The Cali trip leading up to our anniversary trip to Vancouver.  This one was a little sad, since Bill Garber passed away a few days earlier.  But going at 99, still sharp as a tack and ambulatory is an amazing feat and we choose to celebrate his life instead of mourn his passing.  We spent a couple of days with Janet, including a family meal with Janet, Lisa, Bruce and Anne, then went down to stay with Alison's parents.

Paul took us on his "dream hike," a mile hike to the Lake Hodges Pedestrian Suspension Bridge, which turned out to be awesome... with incredible numbers of Egrets and other water fowl, it was about as visually spectator as anything you can find in that area.  Plus Paul spent a lot of time introducing us to his new 360 degree camera, which can take a picture or movie you can see with a VR headset, which was kind of cool

And we will finish out with a picture of fearsome DOBIE the terror cat!  Long may he reign!