Whitman University; Maddy Arrival

Travel to Whitman University in Walla Walla, Washington, requires taking aircraft a little more basic that the 737s flying between Boston and LA.

At Whitman, we settle Maddy into her this-could-be-any-dorm-room-in-America room.

Touring the Whitman campus revealed a tremendous amout of modern art to mock... but some wonder pieces as well (we bought two pieces of art there)

A Chiuly glass sculpter hangs in the Student Center... very nice... but so does the painting (upper right) and... the horse?

The Marcus Whitman hotel where we stayed had a uncanny and disturbing resemblance to the "Haunted Tower" in Disneyland.  But it was named after the missionary that was put to death by the locals because he was such a jerk, so... oh.  But our room did have a jaccuzi tub in the bedroom.  Nothing wrong with that.

ANd then, there was the wine tasting.  There were somewhere in the vicinity of 20 vineyards that had tasting rooms in Walla Walla proper... and a lot more if you were willing to drive out of town ten miles or so.