San Diego / LA visit with the folks

December 3-7 2015

We did a short trip to San Diego to celebrate Alison's father's birthday and to spend a day with Janet and Bill in LA.  We took the opportunity to visit the Safari Park, which has been renovated and is now very walking friendly

Finally flying together!

Alison, Carol and Paul

They warned us not to feed the animals, but did we listen?
The new tiger exhibit was very well done; that guy is standing in front of a sheet of non-reflective glass while the tiger paces back and forth going "how am I going to get to that tasty snack?"  Below, one of the many artistically designed viewing areas, this one under a rock ledge with a waterfall.
For Paul's birthday, we went out to Benihaha's for dinner
The next day, we drove up to LA to visit Bill and Janet and attend a concert with them.  "Musica Angelica" included a number of world class musicians playing Baroque music that had been written for Christmas, all played on period instruments.  So there was a Harpsichord instead of a Piano, a trumpet with no valves (using finger holes like a flute or clarinet instead), recorders (the pipe like musical instrument), and violins that were archaic in some way we didn't understand.   The music included pieces by Corelli, Vivaldi, Corette, Molter and Bach. 
After the concert, we had dinner at a Polish restaurant that Bill likes and had borsch, Pierogi, and other hard to pronounce foods.