Catchup, Feb-May

There was snow and cold and iceicles breaking through windows.  There was doggies plowing through the snow, which became too deep for them to deal with, leading to some measures that some might call a bit extreme but I just call necessary to keep the dogs happy. 
Doggy "habitrail" dug out of the back yard There was Brie's departure for Ireland
There was Will breaking his leg and swapping out the Mustang with the Avalon because he couldn't drive a manual transmission; there were gaming nights.  There was PAX EAST:

There was getting the house ready to selL inlcuding the title 5 replacment of the septic fields... and then not selling it. 


There was the Lincoln Training Center charity ball at the Pasedena Civic Center; there was Accepted Student's day at Brandies University (which Maddy ended up not going to after all)
There were pets....
There was BAPHL 12, a puzzle solving party spread out around the Harvard Campus with teams of up to six players
There was the Jim Hodgson Memorial Service
And there was the Maddy Graduation and trip to Disneyland with Paul amd Carol Maker, Libby, Jane, Ashley, Kevin, Sarah, Lauren, and of course, Maddy.