A short note on things for the past few months.  I started working for Harvard Management Corporation on January 13th admist massive snowstorms and prenaturally cold weather.  I'm commuting into Boston again, which is a bit longer (like, an hour and a half door to door one way) but which includes a 45 minute train ride and a 20 minute walk, which makes it more tolerable. 

And I went out to California and saw Bill and Janet and company, and visited with Alison Maker.  We went to the Getty, which I've always wanted to see.  It was warm, a nice break from New England weather, and the Getty was amazing.
And I did the Unity game convention with Eric Haines and his son Evan, Deron Dorna and his girlfriend.  Sort of a fun "get a lot of gamers in a room and grab a game that looks interesting" kind of one day game-a-thon.   We had dinner afterwards at a Thai place in Topsfield that was very good. 
    I took Brie and Pam, our housecleaner for the last 20 years, out to dinner at the Herb Lyceum.  It's a pre fix menu with revolving chefs and European style seating, and we've always had a great experience there. 
There were more trips to California ... visiting the Huntington Garden with Alison twice, visiting with Bill, Janet, Nick and Anne; Brie was out for some of that as well, overlapping my visit, with her friend Jess (who went to Bonaire with us).  Along with playing a variety of games with Alison, Maddy, and her cousin Ashley.  And Dobie the kitten, a very playful, curious egytian.
Then it was Alison's turn to come out east, bring Maddy out for college tours.  Brie, Will, their friends and I met Alison and Maddy at RPI, where we all went out to Angelos 677 Prime in Albany for dinner.  Then Brie and I met them later in the week at her brothers.  Then she and Maddy joined us at our house to meet Bill, SangOk, Andy and Dani.  

There was a weekend at PAXEAST, a big gaming convention held in the Boston Convention Center, where I met Eric Haines, Jim Hlavity, and Jim's son and Daughter for gawking and some game playing

And the weekend after tha, I met Alison in Chicago, where we stayed at the Langham and visited the Field Museum, the Chicago Art institute (which was HUGE and had a number of cool exhibits and an amazing number of very famous paintings), and did the general tour of Millenium Park, including the famous Cloud Gate.  The Langham gave a new meaning to the word "swanky" and was the coolest combination of ultra modern and retro victorian ... Alison and I have decided we have to visit every Langham in the world and compare them to our experience with the one in Chicgoa.
And another run up to RPI to visit Will, who was feeling under the weather and decided not to join Brie, her friend Megan, and I at Angelos 667 prime for dinner; to the right, took Brie and Diana out to dinner at Tangierino, and Brie and her friend Carly out to see "Heartbeat of Home," a dance show put together by the people that did Riverdance.