A whole lota 2013

It's been a long time since I've written a newsletter.  Blame it on facebook, where it's easy to dribble news to people.  Or not.  But here's the things the happened, not in any particular order.

Guns:  I'm going to do stuff a bit out of sequence here, because the shotgun came a lot later. But, a lot of new weapons... and I'm not counting the most expensive, a JP rifle upper for the .223 AR15... because it replaces something I already have.  I've had a couple of questions about why... why so many guns?  And the answer is... because I wanted them.

The Savage BA110 Winchester 300 Mag sniper rifle, beside the much smaller S&W M&P 15/22 "Hello Kitty" tactical .22 Long Rifle. 

Below, Sang OK finds the .308 FAL a shoulder bruiser

Mickey, the classic 1911 .45 ACP pistol.  Right top, the FAL .308 Battle rifle, and on the bottom, the UTS-15 tactical shotgun with it's 14 round magazine.

Brie with "Hello Kitty," the .22 LR tac rifle.  And cool shades.
Diana loves Mickey

Above, smoking gun.  Below, Will with the sniper rifle, me with Mickey. 
Tennis.  I went to see the kids play a fair number of times, including one colder than hell visit to RPI, one long ride to Vassar, and one trip to RPI for "Senior Day," Brie's last home tennis match of her RPI career.  The Student Union was looking cool with the cherry trees in full blossom.
Visits. Anne came out and visited for a week.  Brie's boyfriend from RPI, Chris, was up at the same time.  Notice who got all dressed up to sit on the back deck for dinner? 
Activities. I finally made it to one of Jeff's Memorial Day gaming sessions, which was immersive.  Below, a couple of shots from hiking back behind Jeff's house in the Angeles Crest Forest, Barry and Alex at a gaming table, Jeff, Ben (who was a surprise as I didn't know he'd flown out from SC to visit Jeff), and Eric, with Jeff Goldsmith busy in the background.
Flew down to New Bedford with Michael Howard to eat at the airport restaurant there in his Cessna, flying over the Fidelity facility in Merrimack where I work.  We had a chance to take a tour of the private jet of the CEO of Qualcomm, who gives out scholarships in New Bedford every year.  They had just finished gassing up... $15,000 worth of aviation fuel.   
Did a cool thing with Eric and Cathy Haines, the Somerville "Open Studio" weekend, where all the local artists and studios open up their workshops and homes; there's something like 100 places to visit, and we made 6 in four hours.  Some cools stuff, like the Serenity spaceship made of duct tape (where I made a joke about the front buffer panel breaking off in the movie because it was duck taped, and the artist showed me that the duct tape model has a removable facsimile of the panel).
The annual Bob Willis memorial get-to-gether at RPI in June, with Eric, Alice, Mark, Rick, John, Sherilee, Chris, and their daughter
Eric and  Cathy's vow renewal, with Marty Connell in attendance:
Visiting the DeCordova Museum with Anne and Brie, where we experienced modern art, like a wall displaying the inside label from a CrackerJack box.  Everything is art.

Time portal, or art?  Art, of course.  Everything is art. 
High five, or art?  Art, of course, everything is art.
Ya, sorry, just can't go there.
A visit from Shirley, her husband, Ethan and Dana 
A trip to CA to visit Jeff Stern, attend Nick's birthday party, spray Gino the dog with a hose, see Lisa and Bruce's house (and hike up the hills over Hollywood and see the Hollywood Resevior), visit Janet and Bill, and eat at Paco's Tacos 
Dinner at the Herb Lyceum with Brie for her birthday 
And, finally, the second half of Brie's birthday, jumping out of a perfectly good airplane with her friends Diana Du and Laura Donovan (both ex-tennis-doubles partners from Acton Boxbourgh Regional High School days)