Visit to Barry and Rhonda Maurer in Lubbock Texas

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I went to visit Barry and Rhonda in Lubbock, Texas November 15-18; Barry set up a couple of shoots over the weekend.
Lubbock's official motto:  "Flat... we got a lot of it".  Right, we had to drive through a near-zero-visibility dust storm to get to the range where we set up Barry's AR-10 (.308) and AR-15 (.223)

Siting in at 200 yards... pretty nice grouping.
That evening, over dinner and wine and wine and Scotch, Barry showed me his RMJ Tomahawks, reading the instructions that came with it, explaining how you WILL CUT YOURSELF with these razor sharp weapons.  And right after he tells me that, he's demonstrating the two are slightly different sizes, when there's a literal fountain of blood spurting out of his hand and covering the couch.  No permanent damage, which makes it ... pretty funny.
Next day, we went shooting with Pat, who has a class III license, so we had a chance to play with all the cool toys... below, Barry points to the head-sized steel plate 1/2 mile away (that you cannot see with the naked eye; you have to have binoculars to even see the 55 gallon drum the steel plate is attached to) that we will be attempting to hit with the .223 and .308 ... and which we did quite successfully.  It was a five second round trip for the bullet to hit and the noise to return, and last round of ten shots, 9 of them hit; I'd fire, five seconds later Barry would call "hit," I'd fire again, five seconds later Barry would call "hit." 
Below, upper left, sighting in the .308 AR10; upper right, a silenced .45 ACP H&K pistol that made a soft huffing noise firing one of the largest rounds that comes out of a handgun; lower right, night vision goggle (we were using red light to avoid ruining our night vision) firing at targets we were painting with invisible IR lasers (invisible if you didn't have the night vision goggles, that is);  lower left, a H&K MP7 fully automatic machine pistol firing high velocity armor piercing rounds, a sweet little ultra light submachine gun with a silencer.
Below, Pat sights in the MP7 while the full moon rises on the horizon....
And, finally, a shot of Barry and Rhonda's house (the central area; it was a nice layout, with bedrooms and the like on either end of this large open area in the middle) and pets