Dickieville - April-Jun 2011


Visiting Brie at a RPI Women's tennis match against Mount Holyoke University, located about half way between home and RPI.  Brie went on to play at Clark University as well, while we headed home.  A few hours of driving for a hour and a half of tennis, but it was worth it.
Kate's sister Anne came out for a week long visit.  While she was here she painted a mural over the kitchen windows. 
Below, the owl house Dave put up almost three years ago was finally occupied... after a fashion.  After several days of an Owl sitting in the openning, they seemed to vanish for a few days, only to be replaced by a male wood duck.  The wood duck was gone the next day... and the owls were back, but only later at night.  A few days later, no owls, but then one day a female wood duck was sitting in the openning.  After that, the owl house went dormant.  But we did have a family of Great Crested Flycatchers move into a bird house just off the deck... they were feeding chicks round the clock for at least a week.  Kids are SO much work!

The owl house observation post, using the Bushnell spotting scope to take pictures of the owls... but they always seemed to know that we were there, looking at them.

What The Duck?     On the right... the Great Crested Flycatcher

Heading out for a wine tasting dinner at Sprig's

One of ate's college roommates, Caroline, visits (while out setting up her daughter Ariel for a coop job and next semester at Boston University)
Below, Will plays in MIAA Individuals, where the top players from Division 1 High School Tennis compete for personal titles.  Will made it to the quarter finals after a 4 hour long match with the number 4 seed (and ranked 45 in New England) player.  The match literally finished just as it was getting so dark you couldn't see the ball. 
Below, Brie returns from RPI with enough stuff to fill a complete room... not counting everything she moved into her bedroom.  Where she kept it all in her dorm at RPI is a mystery. 
Below, the Senior Prom; Will and his date (and long time girlfriend) Diana Du. 

Below left, Will gets a scholarship for his two year single captaincy on the Tennis team.   Right, and bottom right and left, Will graduates from Acton Boxbourgh Regional High School despite his best efforts not to; ready to move on to RPI next semester.
Below, the ABHRS tennis team makes the post-season but only advanced a couple of rounds; competition was tough this year! 
Below, "rolling thunder" day at Dave's gun club... offering an opportunity to fire a 50 Caliber BMG sniper rifle.  These guns can hit targets a mile and half away and fire a round that can punch straight through armor plate.  The muzzle blast is enough to set ammo boxes jumping (see red circle in the second picture) and blow pieces of wood and debris off the firing platform.  
Below, father's day, with home made whoopie pies ... best Father's day ever! 
Below, the annual (and final, for us) tennis banquet.  Kate organized this one (like the last four years).  Next year, the torch passes to someone else.  Will did his spiel as the team captain.

Left, Diana; Middle, Coach Kevin Curly

Closing out June, we took a trip up to RPI to start settling Brie into her new appartment at the corner of Burdett and Tibbets Avenue.  She's sharing it with three other women (just the bottom floor).  This weekend was painting.  First week of July, we move in furniture.   
 And, as a reward for our labor, a dinner at 74 State Street's Marche restaurant in Albany, New York. 
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