June... guns and blammo!


Above, the Big Cat air rifle from Gamo; 1200 FPS gives it the velocity if not the mass of a standard 22 rimfire.   It's about a third the muzzle energy.  Pretty accurate as well; the lower right hand photo is a cat food can from about 90 feet away with 4 out of 5 rounds hitting. 
Above, Will hits a watermellon with the 460 mag, hitting bottom center. Below, I do the same thing but hit slight right center... hence the pink mist instead of Will's chunks.  Bits of watermellon were raining down on the roof over our head. 
Below, Will's girlfriend Dianna fires the Big Cat.
A gratuitous muzzle flash shot from the 460
And the .40 S&W Glock 22; I liked this shot because you can see the casing so clearly!