Christmas 2009 ... including the CA Vacation

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On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... one airplane crashing

... two children splashing

... three adults sitting

... four tourists grinning

... five dine-oh-soars


six movie tickets...
seven warm nights...
eight well wrapped presents...
and ginger in a pear tart

All part of the Christmas in California Christmas experience.

In the pictures above, a full size plane explodes and crashes into the audience in Universal Studio's "Waterworld" show, Brie and Will enjoy the Jacuzzi at Bill and Janet's house (the pool never got quite warm enough), Dave, Kate and Bill sit by the fireplace opening presents, Dave, Kate, Brie and Will start down a path that will lead to ultimate soakage on the "Jurassic Park" ride at Universal Studios, and finally five of the denizens of said ride. 

Generally speaking, "Waterworld" was worth the complete price of admission to Universal Studios; an incredible show, with reasonably decent acting, tons of stunts, and explosions (like the one with the plane) that were big and hot enough to singe hairs on your eyebrows from across the stage.  But we also experienced the Mummy ride, Jurassic Park ride, Simpsons Ride, Backdraft effects, Terminator 2 3-D effects, and some shopping.

And, speaking of 3D, we also went to see "Avatar," which was just an incredible experience.  Think about a story line like "Dances with Wolves" but without the moral ambiguity that made it so great; the bad guys (the white men) are much more cardboard, blatantly evil guys who don't mind killing women and children for profit.  OK, that probably doesn't sound that good, but the plot was secondary to the lush, alien world and the eye-popping 3D that made you feel like you were really there.  Well worth the price of admission.

Below, family and friends Christmas Day and Sunday, when some people came over to Janet and Bill's for food and good cheer (aka "Wine and Beer and Jaggermiester"), with one photo from just before we left (December 23rd) for good measure (you can guess which one is the "East Coast" shot). 

And we end, as usual, with shots of Tasha and Patric, who wish everyone a happy new year and are hoping everyone will give them snacks: