RPI Women's Tennis Invitational

Prospect Park, Troy, NY Sept 5-6 2009

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Brie made the Tennis Team and, according to her coach, "I've never had a freshman play that high in the roster in the 18 years I've been coaching RPI Women's Tennis."  Kate and I decided to go to her first match over labor day weekend as a result.  Brie played 3rd singles and second doubles.  It was an invitational against three other teams; Hartwick, SUNY Albany, and St. John's Fisher, using a round robin, eight-game, pro set format (that is, players play against each opponent in their flight; the first to 8 games by a margin of 2 games is the winner).  Brie annihilated two of her singles opponents, 8-1 and 8-1, and lost one match. You can see the results for singles here and doubles here.

It's a gorgeous day for tennis, warm and sunny.  Above, Brie shows off her RPI tennis outfit and poses with Mom and Dad; below, the tennis courts at Prospect Park in Troy, NY.  Day one was six flights of singles (Brie in flight number 3), with some exhibition matches for the players outside the top six.

Brie wins her first-ever college tournament match


Relaxing with mom after the game

Brie and her coach
Carol Pillsworth

Brie and her mentor
Elanie Vavoules

Brie and her doubles partner
Caroline Albrecht


Day two consisted of three flights of doubles in the same eight pro set, round robin format.  Brie and her partner Caroline Albrecht (a Junior) won two out of their three matches, 8-1 and 8-5, and lost the match set 4-8.  Below, Brie and Caroline warming up.

Below, Brie and Caroline playing one of the doubles matches; in the lower right hand corner, the awards ceremony.


 The 2009 RPI Women's Tennis Team