Oct-Dec 2008

You can see the full set of photos in the Photo Gallery.  Biggest news:  Brie was accepted to RPI with a rather generous merit scholarship;  Gram had a stroke but is recovering; Patric and Tasha remain extremely cute


October included the annual hike at Tophet Canyon.  Patric and Tasha enjoyed the walk.

Kate at the first Katydid's show of the season.  Katydid's activities were a little curtailed by Will's unfortunate bout with Mono, but Kate still did well.

Brie took a driving class from an organization called "In Control."  It's an opportunity to take stock Camry's and drive them like a madman.  Or madwoman.  Brake slamming, tire screeching, turn ratcheting, slalom swerving maneuvers in a giant parking lot.  The shot directly below was an exercise in tailgating; the instructor would be in the middle car, towing a cone behind him, and the students were in the two side cars.  The instructor would speed up to 60 MPH, and the side cars would try to match his speed, but stay even with the cone trailing behind the lead car.  The instructor would slam on the brakes, and the students would try to stop before their front bumper broke the plane of the back of the instructor car.  I don't think any of them actually succeeded. 

Gram is in a new facility following a stroke that left her without the ability to walk.  She seems to be doing well, all things considered, and she's enjoyed visits from Will, Brie, Kate and myself on various occasions.  Of course, nothing is quite as exciting as visits from Patric and Tasha.

Brie dresses up as Daphne for the senior dress up day. 

Kate and Brie do a trip to Clarkson, which, as it turned out, didn't matter as Brie was accepted by RPI

Thanksgiving at Jim and Megs
First Snowfall
Christmas Eve with Bill, SangOk, Andy and Dani
Christmas Day
The pets (minus Misti who is too busy hiding under the bed)

Patric                                          Tasha                                   Mr. Bubbles