March and April 2007

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By far the most exciting news for this period is Kate's team winning the DBH 2C Division. DBH is an indoor women's tennis league that includes most of the Eastern Massachusetts Tennis clubs.  The teams rank from DBH 4 to DBH 1 (1 being the highest).   Kate's team has automatically been bumped up to DBH 1A.

The All Seasons DBH 2 Central team


Other stuff... we went to see "The Blue Man Group" in Boston, which was fun, noisy, and weird.  A lot more slap-stick comedy than you'd expect, but good clean fun, unless you are sitting in the front row like we were, in which case it's good, wet, splattered with mashed banana fun. 

Brie went to the High School semi-formal with her friends.  This required several hours of preparation with assistance from Mom and our neighbor, Sheira.


For Easter, we had a visit from Lisa Garber, Kate's step-sister, who was in Boston presenting a paper at a conference on pop culture. 


And in late April, Will flew down to Evert Tennis Academy in Florida to attend a week-long tennis camp during school break, missing a week that was filled with hideous cold, sleety rain and gusting winds that made the rest of the family hate him.


Dave took a day off during the break and went with Kate and Brie to see the Darwin exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston.

Blue Man Group... messy, slapstick fun


Prep for the semi-formal


Brie and girlfriends are ready to tear up the dance floor (and boy's hearts)


Meeting Lisa Garber for breakfast in Boston


Dave, Kate and Brie visit the Darwin Exhibit


Will preps for his trip to Florida


To the very spectacular Evert Tennis Academy in Boca Raton

Tasha remains insanely cute and dare we say "bubbly" and the kids humiliate her for it... Patrick, More handsome than cute and very, very fluffy

And then there's the guns... I bought my "black rifle," a Bushmaster DCM competition AR-15.  Will likes the iron sites, I like the scope, which gives me about a 2 inch diameter grouping at 100 yards.  That is, I can pick off a chipmunk on the other side of a football field.  If the chipmunk doesn't move, that is.  And I have a sandbag to steady the rifle on.  And no wind.