Holiday greetings 2006!

It’s been a good year, if a busy one. Everyone is doing well. We’ve had an addition to the family this year, Tasha. She’s a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy (well, now a young dog), the same breed as Patric. It’s amazing how much alike they are physically and how different they are in personality. Patric is a very low energy dog who loves to snuggle. Tasha is a hyperkinetic missile that zips around the room without pause and growls if you try to keep her in one place for too long. Patric is stoic to the point of being dour. Tasha is bubbly and energetic and always wants to play. One of her favorite games is chasing our timid cat, Mysti.

Clockwise from top left: Brie and Will at Nike Tennis Camp at Amherst College, the family on the Colorado River during our summer trip to Nevada, Kate relaxing at the Lake Las Vegas Hotel, Dave, Patric and Tasha relax after a hike in October

Kate and the kids continue to pursue tennis with almost religious devotion. Will and Brie spent several weeks last summer at Nike Tennis camp in Amherst, MA. Will has won one tournament in his age group. Brie was on the High School varsity tennis team her freshman year in the spring. Kate’s indoor tennis team took second place at the end of the last indoor season and is in first place for the new season at the half way point.

Kate turned 50 this year, and what better way to spend it than on a Deer River White Water Rafting Trip? Deer River is in Western Mass. We picked the weekend Hurricane Petunia, or Zaphod or something like that, landed and plowed its way well inland. Right over Deer River, actually. The weather was overcast, but fortunately not rainy, or we would have gotten wet. Kate also continues to pursue her successful jewelry business, Katydid’s Jewelry. You can view some of her work on her website,

Brie is a sophomore in high school and is working on the nickname “Hollywood” by appearing in a school play and acting in a haunted castle production with an amateur theater group for Halloween. She’s taking drama classes along with the traditional subjects and is becoming a true drama queen.

Will is in eighth grade and spends most of his spare time (when he is not playing tennis) playing on-line computer games. He and Dave occasionally go out and fire off model rockets and have graduated to “mid-size” rockets that are getting over three feet tall. Will decided to abandon skiing in favor of snowboarding last winter; and Dave followed in his son’s footsteps, perhaps because of a man with a five-year-old son who was admiring Dave’s skis and remarked that they were his favorites back when he was a teenager.

Dave is still working at State Street Global Advisors, and is now in charge of Hedge Fund Systems in addition to his other responsibilities. It’s almost like working for a startup again; both in terms of the rapid progress and interesting work, and the hours (actually, Dave is working more hours than when he was with the networking startup).

Big trips this year included a week long visit to Las Vegas to visit Kate’s Dad and Step-mom, and two weeks in California to visit Kate’s Mom and Step-dad. Pictures and newsletters from the trips are on our family website,

Wishing you the best in the New Year!

Dave, Kate, Brie, Will, Mysti, Patric, and Tasha