New from Dickieville Sep-Oct 2005


Will joins dozens of other people at a Central Massachusetts Spacemodeling Society (CMASS) joint launch, with literally hundreds of rocket launches, including one 18 foot monster built out of Styrofoam cups.  Will launched his “Aries” rocket twice with C5-6 engines, but the parachute assembly disconnected on the second launch and we only recovered the bottom half of the rocket.  On the right, a family day trip to a biking path from Ayer to Groton (about 14 miles round trip) with a stop for ice cream in the middle.

Brie's Room gets an upgrade from the "Peter Cottontail" bunny motif, a sad day, but she is growing up.  Dave continues to scan sporting goods advertisements for a good deal on a shotgun.  To the right, Dave finishes the Sara Lynn Hughes 5k, a couple of weeks after the Acton Day 5k, running sub-seven minute miles.  Below, school shots of Will and Brie, and in the center, Dave and Kate before heading out for dinner to celebrate 15 years of marriage. 

Brie performs in a play by the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School's Proscenium Circus.  She is a swamp spirit and gets to moan "Wiley... The Hair Man is coming for you... Wiley... be careful Wiley."  It takes over half an hour to undo her hair... I have no idea how long it takes to get it in that state. 


Below, Halloween pumpkins (design by Brie and Will, labor by dad), Trick or Treat outfits, and on the bottom, the kickoff for the Katydid's Jewelry 2005 fall season, the annual craft fair at Conent School.