Dickieville Nov-Dec 2005

Will and Dad get the last launch of the season in.

Pictures by Dad, text by Brie.


Will took and passed his black belt test on November 13th, the culmination of five years of training.  Five other students passed at the same test, including several of Will's friends.  Since then, Will has renewed enthusiasm for Taekwon-Do and spent many hours at the studio during Christmas break.

Brianna sampling the grapes and juice and still looking good.

The testing board.  It's up to them, who passes and who doesn't.

Jumping monkeys without the tails, who knew we had so many

Will practicing anger management, "DIE!"

Will's moment of achievement, he is now an official black belt.

The six new black belts.  (Back left - right): David, Gaby, Will,

(Front left - right): Oliver, Nathan, Sea,us

Brie and Will enjoying the first major snowstorm of the season.  Vision = almost 0

The first big snowstorm of the season provides a traditional White Christmas with more than a foot and a half of white powder.  We had Bill, SangOk, Andy, Dani, Elaine, Jim and Deb over for Xmas-eve dinner, then did the present-opening orgy the next morning.  Will got his wish, the biggest, fastest computer in the house, and Brie got hers, the itty-bitty Ipod Nano.

Patric being a sweetie!  Luv u Patric!

The yearly tradition of mom making cinnamon rolls.  (I ate about 3)

Family photo taken just before everyone got to the house.  Brianna took this as a chance to wear that dress she almost wore to her semi-formal.

Most of the Dickie family eating Christmas Eve dinner together.

The Christmas tree with all its presents.  It took us about 2 1/2 hours to open all of them.  We had to keep waking up Kate.