Bahamas, February 2005

I watched the Boston weather forecast with a certain unholy glee as they described the below freezing temperatures and approaching snow storm that would undoubtedly make the next day's commute to work miserable.  "Dave," Kate called, while the images of people struggling against bitter cold wind and snow flurries played across the television, "if we're going to sit by the pool and drink rum punches, maybe you should wear a t-shirt... you don't want to get a sunburn."  I considered that for a moment, then replied "No, it's too hot.  I'll just slather on more sunscreen."

It didn't start that way, of course.  It started at 3:00 AM in the morning Saturday, driving into Boston to be at Logan airport the prescribed two hours before our 5:30 AM takeoff time.  We drove in on Storrow Drive, and were forced onto the 93 North because the 93 South entrance, which would take us to the Callahan Tunnel, was closed.  Going to the first exit, we turned around with an illegal turn under the bridge; then we noticed the police car parked there and prayed we wouldn't be further delayed by receiving a ticket.  We got onto 93 South but were immediately forced off onto Storrow Drive again because it wasn't just the 93 South entrance off of Storrow Drive that was closed... 93 South was completely shut down.  Taking a random turnoff rather than getting on Storrow Drive in the wrong direction we drove along a street with pot holes the size of basketballs.  Spotting an open gas station with many cabbies we sighed relief as we knew they could give us directions to the airport.  Unfortunately while pulling out of the station, the car bottomed out on the steep ramp and the wheel sank into a hidden pot-hole.  But that didn't stop us; with the cabbies directions we found ourselves in somewhat familiar territory; we then found a police officer who explained that the tunnel was closed and that we would have to make our way to the Ted Williams tunnel.  Driving away with the window rolled down we heard that "thump-thump-thump" sound of a completely flat tire.  I changed the tire in 10 degree weather dressed in the light jacket (& no gloves) I wore to avoid carrying a winter coat to the Bahamas.  The spare was a repaired flat that wasn't fully inflated, the gas tank dropped from 1/4 full to empty in a few minutes, we wondered if we were ever going to make it.  We Finally found the Ted Williams' tunnel, made it to the airport, got to the ticket line, and realized that my wallet was missing.  Kate had put the wallet in her lap during a stop at Dunkin' Donuts on the way; she had gotten out of the car when I was changing the flat to help move luggage to get to the spare.  That's how it started.

But the rest of the trip was great. 

The view from our room

Day 1/2 (arriving around noon, Saturday) ... it's all about the clothes, or lack thereof.  Sitting by the pool, learning the "electric slide" dance, going down the four story spiral waterslide (that large concrete tower). 

Day 2 (Sunday)... It's still about the clothes, that is, losing more of the them.  Will played ping-pong by the ocean almost every day.  But we also have sunrises and snorkeling at "Dead Man's Reef."  Yes, that's me.

Day 3 (Monday)... shopping, hanging with some other Acton-Boxbourgh kids on the grass, a fancy dinner... and more beach time.

Kate and Brie on the crowded beach (look in the far background)

Will on the uncrowded beach

Day 4 (Tuesday)... Kayaking the Mangrove swamps, meeting the not-so-native wildlife, explore the worlds largest explored underwater cave system ... and more time on the beach

Day 5 (Wednesday)... Sleeping with the fishes.  Well, OK, Dolphins are not fish.  And we were kissing and cuddling, not sleeping.  Oh, and wave-runners. and banana boats

Day 6 (Thursday)... Water trampoline, Hair Braiding, Windsurfing 

Day 7 (Friday)... Parasailing and more banana boating