It all started when Justin was born on a pleasant summer afternoon. He would always get a 100% on every subject in school and was perfectly healthy. The only strange thing about him was his hair, which was so very absorbent that when the village was inundated with rain his hair absorbed all of the excess water. This made his head very heavy, so he decided to adventure to Africa, which had a drought. Once he had gotten there he shook his head like a dog's and sprayed the water all over Africa. He one day decided to go swimming in the ocean but despite his best efforts he made a error in his stroke, making his head go underwater, and almost drying up the entire ocean. He then had to ring out every hair on his head to make the water go back to its normal state, but the salt didn't go. But this made it so that he could get all the leftover salt out of his hair and store it in containers and sell it, and at the time salt was very expensive. After this experience he pledged to never again go swimming. Instead he decided to work out in a gym to increase his strength allowing him a better chance at a football team. One sinister man invited Justin to his expensive house with an expensive pool and dared him to dive off the diving board. When Justin refused he got very, very angry, and bribed him into diving off of the diving board. Finally when Justin accepted he took a lunge head first with his hands stretched out above his head and when he entered the pool his hair absorbed the water faster than he was falling into it. This pool was 40 feet deep and when he reached to bottom his head took a fatal blow. This was the end of Justin.