September-October 2004


Welcome to another issue of "News from Dickieville."  This couple of months features the cute but getting ever larger Patric the wonder-dog, visits to the US OPEN in NYC, model rockets, Al and Mary Rubega 25th anniversary, Halloween prep, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and a few other random shots....


Arthur Ashe Stadium

Andre Agassi

The highlight for Will and Brie was getting an autograph by Andre Agassi

Kate, Brie and Will visit the U.S. Open in early September


The Fluffy Puppy is still fluffy but he's getting BIG... well, for a small dog.


The cousins... Will playing Magic with Andy, SangOk and Dani

Will rediscovers the fun of model rocks. 

Will:  "Dad, what would happen if I put one of these rocket engines on my little toy skate board?

Dad: "It wouldn't be heavy enough... it would just fly off." 

Will: "What if I taped a rock to it?" 

Dad:  "I guess that depends on how big the rock is." 

Will: "Can we try?" 

Dad: "Sure."

 (Whoosh as rocket engine rips free of the rock-slash-toy, flies into some bushes and explodes). 

Will:  "COOOOOOOOLL!!!!!"

The "Doomed To Crash And Burn" built by Will out of paper towel rolls, egg cartons, masking tape, and cardboard.

Whaddaya know... it actually flies!  Well, for a while... it was too heavy, crashed back to earth, and burned a hole in the lawn when the parachute deployment charge blew....

Will:  "COOOOOOOLLL!!!!!"

Prep... got to get that engine ignition charge hooked up

Get to a safe distance


Liftoff... oh oh, Houston, we have a problem....

Safe landing after all

A relatively new sport called "catch the rocket when the parachute fails to deploy."  Still has all the glamour and excitement of the Red Sox winning the World Series, if you ask me.


Brie, Natalie, and Linda

Annual hike up the mountain in the Topeka Canyon conservation area.  It was just Will, Patric and I this time.




Patric gets to participate in some Halloween prep....

Oh, yeah, we're having fun now...


Why are you doing this to me?????

Al and Mary Rubega 25th anniversary party  (full sized photos here)

The beginning of Kate's big selling season for Katydids ...



To the right, Kate tries to replenish her inventory for the next few months worth of shows.  The best thing about this is that she can't complain about everyone else leaving a mess around... at least until she gets past Christmas.


Below, the Conant Craft fair... one of Kate's most successful shows yet.  Her big show at Bloomingdale's is coming up soon...

And finally, the Halloween Photo Gallery...

Brie and Natalie

Will and Patric


Brie's insanely hard to carve "nightmare horse"

Dave's traditional spooky-face... but this is a 50 pound pumpkin, so make that BIG spooky face

Will's rather ingenious "outline ghost" design.