July and August 2004



For Brie's party we went climbing at Boulder Morty's (http://www.bouldermortys.com) again.  The girls are hard at work... well, one of them.  Man, am I getting bald in the back, or what?   


Grrrrr... grrr... paper... paper is evil... grrrrr... paper must die.... huh? Who made this big mess? 

I have no idea.


Kyle, Shirley and the boys.  Ethan is happy... our house is now normal, we have a dog.  Dana is happy.  He has a job.  He reports directly to Batman... or maybe it's Superman, I had a little trouble following it.  But it's an important job.  Everyone is happy by Bill's pool because there's lots and lots of alcohol.  And Mardi Gras masks.  Gram is happy because she's hanging with Patric and getting her dog Hiedi all jealous.  Meg is happy because she gets to hang with Spiderman, who reports to Batman, or maybe Superman...


We did a short weekend at Killington/Pico.  Alpine sledding was the big draw.  But we did the bungie-cord-trampoline flipping as well.  It was fun but you have to wonder how Brie knew where she was going.  I showed my spunk by getting up there and flipping back and forth until I got really nauseous.  Then we took a Gondola to the top of the mountain and climbed the rest of the way.  We also visited the Vermont Institute of Nature Science (VINS) (previously called the Raptor Center)  which was pretty cool,  and Queechee Gorge which was Gorge-ous (heh) but where we forgot swimsuits :(

And finally, we have games.  My new game is out in an "alpha" version.  It's called Sidion... Death Of The King and it's definitely the prettiest game I've done to date.  I did most of the programming while we were in California.  I also did my monthly "game night" with some of the Longview (now Linedata) crowd.  Rick and Annie have moved into a mansion and have two mortgages; one for the house, and other for the electric bill.