October 2003

Well, another month by the wayside, and as per usual, I'm kind of wondering where it went.  Lets see... well, I went out to see "Kill Bill" with Rob Hendrie and Mark Christiansen... that was fun, even though the movie wasn't very good... and "House of the Dead" with my brother Bill... that was fun although the movie was so bad we were sorry we didn't walk out in the middle... and other stuff.  Oh yeah, I got a new job (wasn't official until November).  Helped Kate with her Katydids jewelry booth at the Conant Craft Fair... ahhhh.. yeah, did a home repair thing (replacing siding) that actually came out pretty good.
Brie tested for her Red Stripe, making a little friend in the process.  And, since we're on the subject, Brie and Will participated in a inter-school tournament as well.  Tae-Kwon-Do and Tennis continue to be big activities for the kids, with Tae-Kwon-Do lessons at least twice a week, and tennis lessons and/or club competitions two to three times a week.

Ouch!  That's GOT to hurt!!!!  Fortunately, it's Will doing the kicking.

We did the annual Oak Hill Tophet Chasm walk to see the fall Foliage.  The original plan was to check out Walden Pond, but after waiting half an hour to try to get into the road to get to the parking lot (which had it's own line) we fell back on the less well know view from the top of the glacier carved hill.
And Halloween, of course.  Here's a interesting little test for you... four pumpkins, four designers.  Try to match the pumpkin to the Kate, Brie, Will, or I.  If you send me Email with a guess, I'll tell you whether you are right or wrong.

Will went as a "Happy Reaper."  A lot of kids in his school worn the same general "Scream" style mask but he was the only one with a smile on it.

Brie went as a squirrel in another homemade outfit by Kate.