June 2003

Yep.  There I am.  Older, wiser, balder.  This time, I actually have a picture of myself.  What am I thinking this month, now that summer has finally arrived?  Where the trees and grass are explosions of vibrant green and the chirps of birds fill the air? Frankly, I'm thinking we have way too much wildlife around here.  More on that in a bit.  This month, I published my first professional article.  It's pretty boring, but if you want you can download it at:


Tell them "Dave sent you."  

We have our friendly, cuddly, neighborhood bunny... or maybe troop of bunnies; we only see one at a time but we see them around A LOT. Then there's the momma bird with her nest in a now crispy brown Christmas wreath we had on the front door.  Her five eggs are hatching the ugliest critters I've every laid my eyes on: 

How could such pretty eggs turn into such ugly critters?

Of course, they look so much cuter when they thrust their long, snake like necks up, looking to be kin of the face-hugger from Alien bursting out of the egg. That happens whenever they're looking for a little snack from momma bird.  Just don't stick your fingers anywhere near there!
Some of the wildlife is cute.  Mr. Squirrel, admittedly on my black list for eating all the birdseed from my bird feeder every time I put some out, wins cuteness points for dozing on the deck. 
The kids did their first-ever Tae Kwon Do tournament on June 24th.  Brie was still recovering from Mono, so she could only do patterns.  Will walked away with a Bronze for patterns and a Silver for sparring. 

Same day, different time, Brie did her recital on the Piano.  This is part of Brie's music lessons; every year the students must participate in a show for the parents, demonstrating what they've learned in the past year.  Brie played "March of the English Guard" and "Little Fairy Waltz." 
Brie also performed as part of the sixth grade show.  Each year, the sixth graders at Conant school do a end-of-year show to celebrate moving on to Junior High.  This one was about the history of Rock and Roll... a tolerably complex production, actually, with some fairly sophisticated humor.  Brie had several, if minor, parts.
And we finished the month off at my Brothers, getting sunburned on this side of his pool (cousin Dani to the right, Aunt Sang Ok and Dani on the lower right, Will and Brie below).