Johnson Family Reunion, Windom, Minnesota

July 2003

This is a sample of photos;  for the full set of photos in larger sizes

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There are also two lo-rez movies (these may take a little time to download):

Reunion         Tom and Elizabeth


Kate, Mindy, and Elizabeth 

Mindy and Lindsey

Kate, Will, Dave, and Brie (from left to right)

Margrette (in background - left), Jim and Cheryl


Chelsey and Melissa


Meredith and Doris

Anne and Nick

Julie and Mindy

Larry and Suzanne

Tom and Elizabeth

Luke, Eric and Celia

Matthew and Joline

Alli, Nikki, and Shaun

Doris, Jim and John

Jenny, Jenny's new hubby, Steve, and Tom

Tony, Zack, and Suzanne.  Zack was so cute I wanted to take him home.

Chelsey and Suzanne

Leigh and Judy

Pat and Dan

Brie, Lindsey and Becca

Michael and Kevin

Janet and Bill