February 2003

Text Box: February… Skiing in Killington for a few days.  It was cold but there wasn’t much wind.

Text Box: We saw a “aerial” show  … little hard to see here but those are skiers up in the air over Brie’s head and coming off the jump.


Text Box: We had someone who makes his own wine show Brie how it was done for a school report.  “Yuck” says Brie, “Why would anyone drink something that came from sludge?”

Text Box: Lots of Ta Kwon Do this month as Brie and Will get ready for their next tests.   The only thing that’s keeping them from it is a new passion for both of them… EverQuest.  Suddenly on line games invade the household in a big way.




Text Box: And the hardwood floors slowwwwllllyyy edge toward completion.  Actually, they are in but we still have to fix a few dings, replace electrical outlets, and put molding back on.  Most of the floors went in during one ten hour day with my Brother… a day that almost killed me!