Counter Strike Source:  Surfing Map

This is, in Counter-Strike Parlance, a "surfing map," created at the request of my son.   By setting a in-game parameter (sv_airaccelerate) to 100, you can "slide" down the long concrete ramps suspended in space to get to better weapons.  There are, additionally, teleporters to various locations and a jail with a one-way window and a door with a button that opens it on the outside.  If you fall off the ramps, you end up in jail, and in theory, if one of your friends is around, they will free you, and if not, an enemy will shoot you through the one-way glass.  You can try randomly spraying them with lead, of course, but it's hard when you can't see your target. 

For the purposes of testing the game, the jail door actual opens up if you just touch it, but it's easy enough to turn off. 

This map was made possible with a set of different tutorials on different sites, specifically:

here are the compiled (BSP) and source (VMF and VMX) files that are used to create the map:

The BSP file needs to be in the [DRIVE]\Steam\SteamApps\[USERNAME]\counter-strike source\cstrike\maps directory, the others in the [DRIVE]\Steam\SteamApps\[USERNAME]\sourcesdk directory.

And here is the custom texture: (you need to drop this in the [DRIVE]\Steam\SteamApps\[USERNAME]\counter-strike source\cstrike\materials\newtex directory)