A Quake II level for deathmatchs of 10 to 20 people

Towers3 is my Quake II Deathmatch level. It can be played "stand alone," with the only objective elimination of the bad guys (not easy on "hard"... sneak around alot until you find a decent weapon).

It consists of two towers in opposing corners of a courtyard and a basement / dungeon. The towers are connected by two catwalks. Ammo is plentiful on the tower level, as are weapons in the dungeon, encouraging movement. There are not may places to lurk; most locations have at least two entrances.

There are three ways to get from the courtyard to the dungeon. One is a large rectangular pit (seen in the lower right hand corner of the picture) that ends in a pool of water. The other is a narrow staircase from the courtyard itself that leads through the BFG room to the dungeon. The third is a teleportal in the top room of one of the towers.

To return, you can use the staircase or any of several teleportals on the lower level.

The BFG is reachable; you run across the collapsing platforms while jumping, and if you time it right, you jump right over the BFG... and try again. Sooner or later, you'll get it.

download towers3 map (bsp file)